Kangen Water

According to experts, the body is 75% water, and it is important to replenish your body with water that is suited for optimal health and wellbeing.

Kangen water provides a reliable source of charged negative ions (to neutralise free radical positive ions). It can also be alkaline water. This is good for your health (we make acid waste). It is also composed of small water molecules, the way the particles are when bubbling naturally out of a spring. (Easier to hydrate the brain, nerves, blood and every single cell.) At some settings it can kill Salmonella in 30 seconds. 300 Japanese hospitals use Kangen water and it is an approved medical device in Japan. 7000 Drs suggest Kangen water.

When you drink Kangen Water your body may have the following:

      1. Increased Hydration
      2. A more balanced Body pH
      3. Increased Blood Oxygenation transportation in the blood
      4. Free Radicals Neutralized
      5. A generally healthier body overall

According to peer-reviewed scientific studies that have been performed in well-respected universities and hospitals around the world, drinking Kangen Water can:

      • Help release excess body fat and stored toxins
      • Help normalize blood sugar and insulin
      • Help normalize blood pressure
      • Support healthy colon function
      • Help resolve urinary tract infections
      • Help relieve asthma and chronic respiratory infections
      • Help stop abnormal gastro-intestinal putrefaction
      • Help reduce proliferation of candida, fungus, and undesirable microorganisms
      • Help reduce chronic pain
      • Help improve wound healing

Studies have also shown that by drinking appropriate amounts of Kangen Water:

      1. Energy level increases in Brain by 80% and muscles by 80%
      2. Blood function level increase by 80%
      3. Cell functions improve by 90%
      4. Keeps the kidneys healthy
      5. Improved circulation
      6. Improved Digestion
      7. Maintain bowel functions
      8. Detoxification
      9. Muscle relief – no/less stiffness of muscles
      10. Help control calories
      11. Improve skin- hydration (glowing skin, look younger)
      12. Feel younger with extra energy

If you are interested in finding out more about Kangen Water and how it can improve your family’s wellbeing, please contact us to discuss a Kangen Water trial or buying the compact Enaagic (Kangen) machine for your home.

Gill Redden is a registered Enagic alkalising water machine distributor.

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