Tiredness & Fatigue 

Lack of sleep, insomnia, tiredness and general feelings of fatigue

CST is a gentle treatment that is suitable for all types of people including men and women, children, teenagers, new born babies, pregnant women and older people. CST can help people with

Chronic Sleep Issues

I visited Gill with a chronic sleeping problem brought on by a stressful time in my life.
During about the third session, I had an experience where I physically felt the stress I carried in my gut, leave my body.

I remember going home and preparing the evening meal and feeling as though my body was floating, I felt so much lighter.

By the end of these 3 cranio sessions with Gill I was able to fall asleep soon after turning out the light and had a good quality night’s sleep.

It changed my life.

Jan W

Sleep Patterns and Insomnia 

I decided to try CranioSacral therapy with Gill Redden out of sheer desperation. I have been suffering from ongoing insomnia for at least 8 years, using sleeping tablets most nights just to function in my fairly stressful job. I hated having to rely on medication for what should be, and always used to be, such a natural and restorative thing as sleep. 

I tried many different alternative treatments – acupuncture provided me with some relief – but required weekly sessions,  kinesiology and hypnotherapy provided no success at all. 

After the first ‘cranio‘ session I could sleep without any chemical help at all. I have had 3 of these treatments in the last few months and my sleep patterns have been revolutionized! 

I would recommend Gill’s service without reservation to anyone suffering the debilitating effects of ongoing insomnia.  What have you got to lose? 

Liz Hancock

Sleep Struggles 

I was advised to try Cranio Therapy by a friend because I was suffering from severe nightmares and for years I was struggling with my sleeping patterns.  After visiting with Gill I have not had a nightmare for months now, and I feel so much better now I am sleeping through the night.  I can only put it down to the Cranio Therapy.  I recommend this treatment for anyone that experiences the same.  I can only describe what Gill has done as she has cleared the fog in my mind. 


Pain Sleeping

I have been recently diagnosed with arthritis of the knee. I had a lot of pain and I was not sleeping well because of it. I started taking the Usana Procosamine supplement which I hadn’t taken for about 4 years. Within a week I didn’t have pain again. Wow!

Peter Dougall

Sleep Patterns

I can say that I was very pleased with your “re-programming” to help me adjust my sleep patterns. 
I also would like to let you know that the “Usana” vitamins and anti-oxidant are working well and provide a noticeable boost in energy.

Lewis Low

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as ME) for three years now, first onset from glandular fever. Doctors and Medical Specialists said something was wrong with me but couldn’t tell me what and said there was nothing they could give me other than standard painkillers. I was advised by a friend with the same condition to try CranialSacral Therapy and after a recommendation from my workmate thought I would give it a go. At first I was sceptical, nothing else I tried seemed to help or even aid my constant fatigue, headaches, swollen glands or neck pain.

After one session with Gill I felt a huge change, like I had really turned a corner. Not only had the neck pains and headaches gone, but my glands returned to normal and I had a lot more energy. For the first time I had an understanding of what had happened to my body when I became ill, and how to go about fixing it. I have been working more and my body just generally feels happier all over.
I would really recommend Gill, not only does she have a great knowledge and understanding of the human body, but was able to help me in a way no-one else could. It’s worth a try for a healthier happier body and a better quality of life. Updated 1 month later: Still feeling great, working heaps more. I am so grateful! 

Naomi Taylor