About Gill 


Gill is principal CranioSacral Therapist and director of Gill Redden Cranio Ltd.

Gill is the director of Gill Redden Cranio Ltd, a registered company established in 2004. It is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Gill practices CranioSacral treatment. She particularly specialises in working with people who have head, nerve and other pain and dizziness. She loves to deal with people who have not been able to find help elsewhere.

Widely acknowledged and respected as a specialist in her field, Gill’s credentials in this are as follows: starting with a B.Sc. then specialising to have the following: Certified CranioSacral Therapist, CST Advanced; Cranial Brain work, Visceral (Organ)5, NeuroMeningeal (Nerves), Somato Emotional, Paediatric, Pascha Therapist (counselling).

Gill Redden is a highly qualified and globally respected CranioSacral Therapy practitioner. She is certified through The Upledger Institute in Florida.  She regularly attends seminars and courses to provide her clients with the best up-to-date treatment possible.  Gill comes from a family of health professionals and has previously worked in Community and Public Health.  Gill thrives on helping people achieve pain relief, so they can live life normally and without medications.  

When Gill is not helping people with CST, she keeps fit with Tai Chi and qigong, tramping, walking, exploring or gardening and she enjoys relaxing with a good book or socialising with friends and family.  She is a Qigong, Laughing Yoga and Reiki instructor and a black belt in Bujinkan martial arts.  Gill believes that Concussion and head injuries will be treated with Cranio in the medical system as part of their core recovery package, within the next few years.  She also believes that soon she will travel the world to help CranioSacral Therapy become a well-known and active part of Western medicine. 

With more research, Gill believes that Cranio could become a standard ‘must-have’ with every ‘slow learner package’, after orthodontic work, teeth removal or other major dental work, with every new-born as a -check-up, prior to Doctors prescribing anything for anxiety or depression, post-surgeries, after bad infections or viruses, for many eye problems, gut issues and for tune-ups at the end of every sports season for athletes.  The list is endless.