Distance Cranio 

Distance Cranio

I have thought about how to be proactive, and to meet clients’ needs in times of high stress and uncertainty.

I am in a position to offer distance CranioSacral therapy treatments, focusing on those suffering from stress related headaches and migraines, which can be exceedingly debilitating.

I have been trialling distance CranioSacral therapy on clients. These clients experienced improvement from their base level of pain. I am helping to alleviate their symptoms or the cause of their problem.
Distance CranioSacral therapy is now part of my ongoing business development strategy.
Each person’s recovery experience will be different and cannot be quantified at this stage, given that this is a new practice methodology for me.

The most important thing with CranioSacral therapy is to blend and meld with a person’s tissues. Whether that is an eyeball, a nerve, a jammed cranial bone, scar or other tissue. I now know that I can do this from a distance, using my comprehensive knowledge based on my years as a leading CranioSacral practitioner in New Zealand.

Cancellation Policy:
Non-attendance or late cancellation for an appointment, results in the full consultation cost charged if you fail to notify Gill Redden Cranio 24 working hours in advance.

Requests looked at on a case-by-case basis.