Mother and Baby

Catering for both mother and child

CST is a gentle treatment that is suitable for all types of people including men and women, children, teenagers, new born babies, pregnant women and older people. CST can help people with

Very Unhappy Baby

I didn’t bring my 1st baby to you 3 years ago because I thought it sounded dangerous! My husband talked me in to taking Ryan though, because he was in such pain. The 1st 2 trips in the car to your clinic he screamed 30 minutes just because he was hurting so much. He needed to be pushed in a pram all day and had a very stiff body. He didn’t feed well and was extrememly unhappy.
Thanks so much – after 2 sessions he is now very contented, sleeping in his own cot, has great sleeping and eating patterns and we are enjoying him!!!!! Skeptics be gone! To all parents with babies in pain – give cranio a try!

Denice Mayson

Sore back after traumatic birth 

the pain has virtually gone in 2 very short sessions.  Thanks again Gill. 


Raewyn Moore, Jack

My daughter has a son who just did not sleep much at all. The whole family were exhausted.  It was mentioned to me that if his head was flat at the back or it was a difficult birth, that this could be the cause to his sleeplessness.  I took my grandson to see Gill Redden and her cranial moves made such a huge difference.  He now sleeps through the night instead of previously waking constantly.  We visited Gill three times and she was very reassuring and patient with the one year old.  The relief of him sleeping was not just for Jack but also for his mum and dad who could now function during the day after sleeping through night.  Thank you so much Gill.  



I have to say that I was a sceptic and didn’t feel that CranioSacral therapy would work for me BUT it did! I had been feeling sick for 7 months and since visiting you once, I have genuinely felt much much better with little sickness and I also had more energy –  I would definitely recommend your services to anyone suffering pregnancy related sickness and I will be back after the baby is born for you to work on my migraines! Thanks again Gill!

Tara Panchmatia


I was referred to Gill by my doctor who said that he had sent several patients with good success.  I was a very skeptical pharmacist but I had such bad morning sickness that I was getting very worried for the health of my baby.  After each session I felt noticeably better and after the 3rd session I could eat and actually have a life again.  I will refer others to Gill

Andrea Summerfield

Colic and Sleep Issues

My twins were only 4 weeks old when I brought them in to see Gill with colic problems.  They were not sleeping well and had a lot of pain in their little bellies.

Twin A was a very uptight little boy, and was very frustrated that he could not bring up his wind.  Twin B was more laid back but was very upset with the pain in his tummy.

After 3 sessions with Gill they both started to bring up their wind with much more ease, and only woke once in the night.

I believe all newborn babies should see a CranioSacral Therapist, as I believe this would resolve a lot of problems for baby as well as mum and dad.

Sharon Bailey

Bad Birth, No Sleep!

After a difficult introduction to the world, involving the use of both ventouse and forceps, my daughter was showing signs of stress and pain. She would scream non-stop for hours on end for no obvious reason. After ruling out the obvious causes my obstetrician recommended CranioSacral therapy, naming Gill in particular. I was hesitant at first but after doing research and realising there was no danger I decided it was worth a try. Leading up to her first appointment we had four days of very little sleep and were really concerned about our little girl. After her very first treatment she came home and slept soundly and generally seemed to be happier. In total we took her in for four treatments and her temperament improved with each. We now have a happy little girl who seems much more contented. If we are blessed with any more children in the future I will definitely be booking them in.

Abigail and Harriet


My chronic morning sickness virtually disappeared after one session with Gill.

Kara Lynn