International Patients 

Gill has many clients seeking her professional services from all over New Zealand and internationally.

She has developed several treatment programmes in packages to accommodate all clients.

Solution 1

Come to Christchurch and have a trauma 5- day intensive programme treatment.

This is especially good if you have been involved in a significant accident or trauma, or if you have had years of ongoing pain that needs to be addressed.

During this time, you will have one, two or more therapists involved in your treatment.

You will receive 40 hours treatment in five consecutive days.

The five-day consecutive treatments can quickly help to loosen cranial bones and the membranes which surround and protect your brain. We will also be working on other areas of your body. Often old injuries can hinder recovery. This concentrated treatment programme, in a condensed time frame, allows old injuries to reveal themselves. We work on these, which can aid the recovery process.

We recommend that you arrange to stay in quiet and restful accommodation, at your own cost. Please have no other plans or engagements. This can maximise the opportunity for your body to heal and recover.

The investment for this intensive treatment is $6000.00 GST inclusive.

Prepaid 2 months prior to selected week of treatment. This is to secure the team of therapists who will be dedicated to your wellbeing during the five day intensive treatment programme.

The following cancellation structure applies:

Cancel 3 weeks before your treatments $300.00 of your payment is retained to cover administration and preparation fees.

Cancel 2 weeks before your treatment $800.00 of your payment is retained to cover administration and therapists scheduling fees.

Cancel 1 week before you treatment $1500.00 of your payment is retained to cover monies paid to secure your intensive treatment programme.

Cancel between 7 to 1 days of your treatment $2400.00 of your payment is retained to cover all monies utilised for setting up your personalised intensive treatment programme.

Please contact gill to arrange for a skype meeting to discuss your needs and to connect with Gill personally as this is an intensive programme and you need to feel comfortable right from the out- set.

Solution 2

Clients Fly Gill or her team members to your own chosen location

This method has suited selected clients who prefer Gill to come to them for an intensive treatment programme.  All costs including air fares and accommodation to be paid by the client.  Price for this treatment is dependent of a number of factors. To find out more, if you believe this is of benefit to you, please contract Gill.

Solution 3

Engage Gill when she is traveling abroad to conferences and professional development courses.

Gill frequently travels overseas to conferences or professional development courses.  She is available to work with clients should there be any enquiry.  Treatments would be based around the events she is registered to attend. Price for this treatment would be dependent on the number of treatments and associated disbursements.

If you believe any of the above solutions would be of benefit to you please contact Gill to discuss your needs.