Neck and Shoulder

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck pain is a common complaint. It can result in significant discomfort for people, affecting their quality of life, and it can decrease work productivity.

The neck can be susceptible to conditions and injuries that may cause pain and restrict motion. Neck pain can have a variety of causes such as


  • muscle strains
  • worn joints
  • nerve compression
  • dislocation injuries
  • arthritis and more

    We add that even tight organs such as the lungs after pneumonia or the liver after hepatitis or even tight tissue or jammed bones a long way from the neck, can affect the neck.

    Symptoms can include:

    • Pain that is often made worse by holding your head in one place for long periods, such as when driving, painting or working at a computer
    • Muscle tightness and spasms
    • Decreased ability to move your head
    • Headache

    CranioSacral therapy is a non-invasive treatment that hones in on the stressed parts of the CranioSacral system and helps to realign it to once more be a healthy flowing and connected system, over the course of treatments. We suggest a package of 6 sessions.

    We have treated hundreds of patients for neck issues, with great success.

    Please take the time to review what past patients have said about Gill, to decide if CranioSacral therapy is suitable for you in alleviating ongoing neck pain.

    Contact Us today to discuss your needs and potentially become pain free with nil drugs.

      Neck and much more!

      I feel the best I have in 7 years.  Not only has my neck pain stopped but my shoulder, and my back.  I feel on top of the world.  I will continue to see Gill regularly.

      Ian Thompson

      Depression and slipped disc

      When I first went to Gill I was suffering from depression and was also recovering from a prolapsed disk. It wasn’t long before Gill had me on track. I was off the anti depressants within a matter of weeks and the problems that I was suffering with from the back had certainly eased and some had disappeared completely. Friends have commented on how much brighter I was looking and sounding. I am very thankful for what Gill has done. I certainly feel like I am on a much more even keel now. Thank you Gill.

      Ann M

      (NB I do NOT encourage anyone to go off their antidepressants. This decision must be made in conjunction with the clients doctor) Gill Redden

      Knee Joint Pain

      I regularly referee basketball and a few weeks ago I pulled a tendon in my left knee which continued to give me pain that was extremely uncomfortable for several days after I refereed each week  After just one 45min treatment most of the pain had gone. I refereed the next day without any sign of the pain that had been present before. I had Gill do one more treatment to make sure and have been free from pain since (last treatment 3 weeks ago) even though I have run hard several times doing my sport.

      Tony Constable


      I have had a lot of operations and had constant pain for years.  After one session with Gill the pain in my liver and tummy area was reduced by about 70%. Thank you so much for your caring and professional assistance in getting my health back to ‘normal’ as well as your assistance in providing me with energetic and emotional support in strengthening my body’s immune system. 

      I whole heartedly recommend anyone to come to your clinic for assistance in the support and strengthening of their health. 

      Marion Rix

      Elbow, Tendon Tear
      Approx 9 months ago I had severe pain from what felt like a torn ligament/tendon at my right elbow. The pain was severe when I used my right arm for most daily activities. Over the following 9 months the pain was subsiding but only very slowly. 
      After only one 50min treatment the severity of pain had diminished to be almost unnoticeable. Whatever it is that Gill does works like a charm and with such a gentle technique.
      Tony C September 2008

      Neck and Shoulders

      Thank you for the Cranio treatment. I cannot believe how relaxed my neck and shoulders feel. After the first treatment, they were more relaxed than I can ever remember them being. Having had the second treatment I feel very at peace – given how things are here in Christchurch right now, that’s amazing!


      Neck pain and headaches

      I have suffered neck pain and nagging headaches for many years. I have tried just about everything to fix the pain but relief has only ever been temporary.   

      When I first went to see Gill, I was very sceptical but was open to giving it a try. During my third session, the pain and pressure suddenly lifted. It felt like a huge weight had come off my shoulders, neck and head. I have been pain-free ever since.   

      I would recommend Gill to anyone suffering from pain and only wish I had found out about Gill years ago. 

      Lee Retimana

      Unbearable pain

      I really can’t recommend Gill Redden enough! After being diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia at 36 years old, life was quickly going downhill. When the bouts of pain occurred it was unbearable, I would spend the time in tears on my hands and knees until the pain stopped. Sometimes this could last up to two hours. The condition was ruining my life, I didn’t enjoy any of the things I had in the past such as spending time with my friends, walking on a sunny day or being in the garden, cold wind became my worst enemy. I was on very high doses of medication which made me incredibly tired impacting further on my wellbeing and these didn’t get rid of the pain completely either! I felt like a zombie, I couldn’t think properly or function as I did normally. 
      I was working in a high stress job and becoming depressed and utterly exhausted. After making the decision to take a month of leave to try and get on top of my pain, in sheer desperation I trawled the internet looking for something that might help me. I stumbled across Gill’s name and emailed her. Gill phoned me the next morning and I saw her the following day. My first session was incredible, I found Gill’s manner very calming and the instant relief from the pain was incredible. 
      For the first time in months I felt relaxed. I continued to see Gill for a few weeks twice a week and things continued to improve, the pain became nonexistent. I see a trip to Gill as a much needed investment for my body. Even if you don’t have any conditions you are aware of it’s the perfect way to maintain our health that we often take for granted. It’s a valuable lesson I have learnt
      Don’t hesitate to see Gill – It’s more than worth it. 

      Kirsten Mason-Clemett

      Teeth, aches and pains

      “I went to see Gill with an assortment of aches and pains, which added together were making life that bit less pleasant. One in particular that was driving me crazy was a pain in my teeth – my dentist could not find or fix it, even with several x-rays and examinations. Gill sorted it out in our first session. It has certainly taught me that there is no need to put up with pain.”

      Bronwyn Craig

      Dear Gill, I have had headaches for 75 years (I am 83years).  After 4 sessions with you I still wasn’t sure if your work was helping me, but 18 months later and I still haven’t had another headache.  Thank you very much. 

      Dorothy Boyd

      Pain, last resort

      “I contacted Gill as a last resort, suffering from aching pains in my neck, shoulders and arms,with frequent headaches, feeling irritable and tired.  At the first session Gill identified an issue with my jaw which I immediately linked to a particularly vigorous cavity I had filled 6 weeks earlier.

      After that session I felt a dramatic improvement and after 3 sessions was feeling great – better than ‘normal’!!   I have had a sickness free winter, not even a cold with none of my original symptoms recurring, and I will continue to visit Gill for maintenance every 3 months.  

      Charlotte Bryden

      Jaw Pain

      Hello Gill

      Thank you for your treatments which helped to cure my tooth ache/jaw pain.

      I do not enjoy dental treatments as I usually take some time to recover from the nerve pain, but now I will be coming directly to you for some Cranio treatment.


      Neck and back

      After seeing a significant change in my husband after his visits with Gill to help him with his sleeping patters, I went to Gill to try and relieve the tension and pain in my neck and back. After seeing Gill I have had no pain in my neck and my back it significantly better. I have more movement in my back and neck and very little pain now. Thank you Gill, for relieving years of pain and tension.

      S.T. neck

      Sore Neck

      I had been suffering with a sore neck for about 18 months before I came to see Gill. At times I’d had shooting pains going up my neck which made me call out in pain. It hurt to turn my neck very far in any direction and my neck went out most nights while sleeping. I’d had months of physiotherapy which improved it a little. I’d also had two or three other types of treatment which had improved it a little. When I came to see Gill I will admit that the first two or three sessions made no noticeable difference. I was however determined to stick with it and allow time for it to work. I’m pleased I did because now I am pain free in my neck and have the full range of movement back. Thank you Gill, the CranioSacral Therapy really worked.

      Karen Degen

      Refered Pain

      To let you know that I think the treatment on Tuesday did me the power of good. There is hardly any pain in the buttocks now and the daggers in my legs are not as sharp nor as frequent. The pain is concentrated more in the lower back where I think the fractures are and it’s more like a stiffness. Thanks a million.


      Stabbing Eye Pain

      Hi Gill. I was referred to you by my eye specialist. My eye pain levels are way down. Just a throb every now and then instead of a pneumatic drill. Still taking anti inflammatories daily! Your treatment helped. Giving up gluten has also made a big difference.  


      (Mandy is not from Christchurch so I only treated her 4 times in quick succession).