Vertigo and Dizziness

Vertigo and Dizziness are symptoms, rather than a disease.

Vertigo is a feeling of spinning and whirling when you not actually moving.

Dizziness is being unsteady, with a sense of imbalance, or staggering while you are walking.

Vertigo causes dizziness when you move your head. An Inner ear infection or inflammation can make you feel dizzy and unsteady. The flu or an upper respiratory infection can cause this condition. There are many other associated medical conditions that vertigo or dizziness are symptoms of.

Vertigo can also be associated with an injury or strain to muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper back. Because many of these muscles are attached to the bones of the head, including those around the ear, they can pull these bones out of alignment impacting one a person’s ability to remain balanced.  It can also be associated with old injuries that had tightened up cranial bones and membranes which the body has accommodated for some time.

During the winter months there is a spike in cases of vertigo or dizziness due to increase ear infections.

CranioSacral therapy uses gentle but highly effective techniques to relax the muscles. We also work on the bones and membranes to help them move well again, allowing a good flow of fluid and freeing up trapped nerves.

At Gills Clinic she is able to treat patients over a 6 to 10 treatment programme.  This is non-invasive and works at a pace dictated by the body.

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